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Hello & Welcome!


My Approach to Counseling

There are several different evidenced based psychological treatments. Most mental health professionals, including myself, utilize an integration of various approaches.


I do not believe one approach to counseling works for everyone. Most commonly, but not exclusively, I integrate interpersonal, solution focused and cognitive-behavioral treatments (please ask if you want to learn more!)


I utilize an empathic and collaborative approach to provide culturally sensitive treatment tailored to your needs and goals to aid in increasing self and relational awareness, identifying and processing emotions, highlighting strengths and values and fostering acceptance. My goal is to help you create new understanding and experiences so that change can occur! 

I strive to provide transparency about the counseling process and greatly value authenticity - which to me means showing up and being real. I have years of training and experience in psychological treatment. This, coupled with my infectious personality and strong interpersonal skills, could lead to a very fruitful therapeutic relationship. 


I’m not the expert on you, you are.


I’m here to help you hold a “flashlight” to your life: highlight aspects that may be too hard to look at on your own, gain clarity in an area where you’ve shined the light on for quite some time but can’t quite make sense of it yet, and illuminate skills, resources and values that have been muddled for you.

- The C's You Can Expect -

Confidentiality. Compassion. Collaboration. Creativity. Commitment. Cultural Humility. 


PhD, Counseling Psychology 

University of Missouri - Kansas City

MA, Counseling & Guidance 

University of Missouri - Kansas City

BA, Psychology & Communication 

Wittenberg University


West Virginia University


University of Wisconsin - Madison

Previous Work Experience:

University Counseling Centers

Community Mental Health

Private Practice

Treatment Modalities: 

Individual Counseling & Assessment


Types of Therapy:

Interpersonal, Solution Focused, & Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT)


Adolescents, College Students, Young Adults & Adults

All races, ethnicities, genders, religious/spiritual beliefs, bodies

and sexual orientations welcome! 



I’m smitten with the mitten! I can’t decide whether I like the mountains or water better. I’m obsessed with cacti, love a good gratitude practice and can’t start my day without a cup of coffee (or two+). I thrive in high pressure situations, am a lifter of heavy things and a lover of a good planner and pen. 

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